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"I had a chaotic living situation and was very anxious about how it wou..."
Melissa (Naked Apartments) October 24, 2013
"I had a chaotic living situation and was very anxious about how it would all turn out--and Savita truly came to the rescue! I didn't know until the last minute whether my lease would be renewed or not (my landlord and I were negotiating how much he would raise the rent so I didn't have a definitive answer). So, I had to conduct an apartment search without even knowing whether or not I would ultimately need a new apartment! Savita was completely understanding of this crazy situation and helped me through my whole hunt! She was so patient and friendly throughout the whole process and showed me some great back-up apartments in case we needed a Plan B. She took care of everything for me and I couldn't have been more satisfied with her service. Next time I need to find a new place, she will be the FIRST person I call. "
Melissa (Naked Apartments) October 24, 2013
"My wife and I were set - we're moving to New York, all the way from Sa..."
Mike V. (Yelp) September 6, 2013
"My wife and I were set - we're moving to New York, all the way from San Francisco. We both challenged ourselves to find an apartment via craigslist - bad idea. Anyway, long story short, saw that Anchor had great reviews. Sure enough, they live up to the hype. A great group of friendly, reasonable, and patient people. Savita Pandya was our broker and she did an absolutely amazing job. I was left with only a few days in NYC during my work trip but she made it work. Over the course of two days, we saw a multitude of apartments, all different enough to help narrow down exactly what we needed. Once we landed on one, she was patient while we pulled all of the paperwork together and helped guide us to ensure we had the best opportunity to land the apartment. All in all, Anchor was a great company to work with and Savita in particular is worthy of my recommendation. I will definitely be going back here for my next apartment hunt. "
Mike V. (Yelp) September 6, 2013
"I have lived in New York City for years and have found most brokers ru..."
Andrew (Naked Apartments) March 12, 2014
"I have lived in New York City for years and have found most brokers rude, uncaring, and negligent. With our lease coming to expiration and the building turning single family condo, we knew we had to find a place and with a deadline. For 2 weeks I worked on meeting brokers and seeing apartments. Not one showed me an apartment I was looking for (and I am extremely detail-oriented when it comes to where I live) even after explaining what and where I want. Thank god for Savita! She brought my hope back for brokers. Finally someone willing to listen, ready to put in the time, and who wouldn't waste MY time. We had an apartment lined up and ready to go with Savita, and we would have taken it. However, a last minute call from an old friend gave us the opportunity of a lifetime that we couldn't say no to. Savita will definitely be the first person I call for my next move. Savita is loyal, respectful, honest, and sweet. You have confidence and peace of mind with her. I did not rent an apartment from this agent. "
Andrew (Naked Apartments) March 12, 2014

About Savita

Growing up a city girl, I may be biased but I believe that New York City is one of the most fascinating places anyone can live.
That being said, it’s also one of the most stressful cities to find a home. I’m here to make your home-hunting less burdensome and worrisome. Every client has a different need, and apartments in NYC are as unique as the clients that live in them.
Originally from Queens, I have a great amount of exposure to the diversity of New York City. Its fast-paced, cultural and exciting neighborhoods have always made me feel at home. The variety of options which exist are truly a luxury that we New Yorkers are lucky to have. Finding the home that fits you can be just as exciting as these amazing NYC locations.
We all need to look for our own personal space to call home at some time in our lives. When you have to face...

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