Agent Testimonials for Nicholas Goforth

Nick made our NYC home finding an immense pleasure. If you want a broker whom actually genuinely cares about finding the best fit for you (a rarity here) and not his commission ask for Nick Goforth. He was amazingly kind and honest with us in answering our questions and in spending numerous days with us to find the right home. He never pressured us for a certain apartment and his knowledge of the market and his profession was truly impressive to say the least. A good broker makes his client feel they have their back and as a result of Nick making us feel that way we signed in confidence with him. We love our new home. Go with Nick and trust me you won''t regret it.

- Dieter Schmitz (via Yelp),   May 08, 2015
I can highly recommend Nick Goforth as a reliable agent to find the perfect place in the city! We were looking for an apartment but were not living there yet and needed help lining up suitable options that had what we wanted on our list. Nick was quick to reply to emails and calls, as well as calmed my fears. He was able to schedule many apartments to look at that met our criteria and walked us through a well-organized day all mapped out by Nick. It was a painless experience and we settled on a great place in a neighborhood we did not yet know, but really liked. I was happy we kept an open mind because Nick had some great new ideas for us to find us the right place in the right location.

- Judy and Ferdinand,   March 12, 2015
Nicholas Goforth was amazing. As someone who was entering the New York rental market for the first time and coming from Canada, sifting through the terminology and plethora of available rentals looked like an extremely daunting undertaking. Then trying to figure out what neighborhoods were best and where I could get the most for my money was a whole other set of considerations. Nicholas'' gently and consideratley explained the market, set up all of the viewings and even made me look at some units that I had already excluded from my search. He was right!!! By showing me the differences between where I thought I wanted to live and where he thought I would be able to get more of what I wanted at the best prices available, within a matter of hours I went from confused to accommodated!!!! I am very excited about the apartment Nicholas directed me to and I am looking forward to making it my home over the coming weeks. I highly recommend Nicholas if you need help finding the right place for you to live!!

- John C. (via Yelp!),   February 24, 2015
If your looking for an apartment, try Anchor Associates. I don''t typically write yelp reviews, however, my experience dealing with Nick Goforth from Anchor Associates was so exceptional I thought that this was something that needed to be done. First off, aside from helping me find a dream apartment, he was very receptive to my needs and truly understood exactly what I was looking for in a place to live (I had a long list). His honesty was the first thing that stood out to me and was the reason I decided to do business with him. I had a flexible range of time to move out, either in a week or 5 months would have been fine for me. Nick told me that if I waited till the winter that I may be able to find apartments for slightly other agent I had spoken to told me that, most wanted to rush. Nick did however suggest that we check out a few apartments now so that I could see the inventory for my self, thus allowing me to be able to know what was out there and make an informed decision, whether to move now or move later. Nick was also extremely professional, he knew the market, he knew the buildings, he showed up on time and was responsive to emails/ questions and was also very accommodation to my viewing schedule. In the end the deal that Nick found me was so insane that I decided to sign now. It took one day with him for he to show me exactly what I was looking for. Looking forward to a move in a few weeks from now. There are still some genuinely good people in the world. Thanks, Nick!

- Ameet W. (via Yelp),   September 24, 2014
I had the pleasure of working with Nick Goforth. He was incredibly professional, kind and helpful all throughout the apartment hunting process. I am a medical student and have a very rigid schedule and not a lot of free time. Nick was very flexible and efficient. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in NYC. I couldn''t have been more pleased with my experience!

- Andrea P. (via Yelp),   May 14, 2014
I had the pleasure of looking for apartments with Nick GoForth from Anchor Associates this past month. My roommate and I had a tight budget and were looking at the most difficult time of the year for an apartment over two months in advance as we would be away until right before we needed to be in the city. Knowing this would be as easy as effortless as making it through the entire line at trader joes in under 25 minutes I wasn''t expecting to have any options to look at, but nick scrambled at the last minute and magically manifested three apartments for the exact time we''d need one, mid month too, all of which were definitely in budget and great areas of the ues. None of which I had found anywhere else, and I had been searching. I assume he was up late that night getting it touch with people, and even if he had found them from other sites or no fee listings as I''m sure some brokers some places do, I certainly didn''t see those ones anywhere so no matter what he was making his services worthwhile. We ended up going with another place purely because my roommate and changed our mind about our desired location and happened to fall upon something at that exact time a bit more downtown, but it was a super hard decision even so and nick really did show us three great options which I was sure were impossible given our criteria. It was delightful to have him show us places, and he was very on top of things, got back to all correspondences quickly and purposefully, and was responsible and respectful. Much appreciated.

- Valerie S. (via Yelp),   May 14, 2014
I spent several hours touring apartments with Nick Goforth. He was personable, thoughtful, and well-informed about the NYC market. He listened carefully to my needs and showed me high-quality apartments that met my criteria. Someone I''d be glad to work with again!

- Dorie C. via Yelp,   May 01, 2014
This was my first time apartment searching in New York City and as a single female it was rather daunting. I was concerned I would be shown apartments out of my range, not in line with what I was looking for and feel pressured by a broker to part with my money. It is with such relief that none of these attributes can be applied to Nicholas at Anchor Associates. Not only did he schedule apartment viewings that met my needs he was such a support throughout the whole process. I felt as though I was apartment hunting with my friend. Nicholas guided me through each step and whenever I had questions his responses were from a considered emotive and reasoned approach, not a financial one. He understood my needs, gave me many options and weighed up the pro''s and con''s with me when I was indecisive. He was always punctual and professional and has such a warm and inviting demeanor. I could not recommend Nicholas enough. Together we found the perfect apartment for me within my budget. Whenever my needs change and I want to move, Nicholas will be the person I''m calling to assist me.

- Hazel Popplewell (via Yelp),   February 04, 2014
I don''t have much experience within the Manhattan real estate arena- so Nicholas Goforth''s assistance was a relief! He was informative, kind and mindful of our budget and time. Goforth helped us find the apartment we ultimately decided upon- the place is safe, clean, and "affordable" (is anything in Manhattan, really?) for the price range with which we were working. Plus he was just an all-around nice guy!

- Drita K. (via Yelp),   July 17, 2013
Nick Goforth is THE BEST! Not only did he manage to find us (Australians with no credit history or jobs in NY) an apartment DURING hurricane sandy, but he also found us an absolutely amazing one again 6 months later that we LOVE! He did all the groundwork for us and made the whole process easy. He is a real estate wizard and a pleasure to work with.

- Laura S. (via Yelp),   May 06, 2013
This is the second time I''ve used Nick Goforth and he is simply the best. He understood exactly what we wanted and showed us a huge number of carefully chosen properties. If he wants to show you a place outside of your original location or budget it: do it! Nick knows some amazing gems that are well worth looking at. He is always fair and shows you exactly what you ask for, but his knowledge is second to none. The best

- Simon T. (via Yelp),   May 01, 2013
Nick Goforth has found us our dream apartment! Within hours of contacting Nick and providing him with some information, I and my girlfriend were booked to view apartments. Nick quickly understood what was important to us and carefully selected buildings for us to see. Because Nick was very patient and knew the market well, we were able to view numerous buildings and apartments. He kept up with all of our requests and questions and sent us constant updates. Furthermore, once we found the apartment we wanted, Nick was able to negotiate our rent down from what the building''s broker wanted. On a personal note: Nick was a true pleasure to deal with. He is a great guy, and his desire to help you (instead of making money on you) shows itself as soon as you meet him. I strongly and enthusiastically recommend Nick as your next broker!

- Kirill Z. (via Yelp),   March 27, 2013
I worked primarily with Nicholas Goforth. I cannot stress enough how much of an absolute pleasure it was to work with him!! I am new to the market, and was a bit nervous at the prospect of the process of finding an apartment in NYC. Having heard some horror stories, I prepared myself for some struggle. However, with Nick, NEVER once did I feel uncomfortable or unrepresented. He is patient, thorough, committed, savvy, AND above all, honest. I was constantly impressed with him, especially his ability to process my wants and needs and to deliver a wide range of places as well as thoughtful advice. He is an absolute gem, and I would recommend him to anyone, no matter if you are looking for your first apartment or your fiftieth. I will certainly work with him again.

- Claire K. (via Yelp),   March 18, 2013
We arrived in NY from the UK five years ago and were in the fortunate position to be in a corporate lease. As it was nearing its end we needed help to find something more affordable, but still meeting our needs. A very tall order for any Broker to rehouse a family from a corporate lease. The broker we needed had some challenges. We found Nick Goforth after a quick phone call from one of his listings. We started looking where we lived and gradually expanded our search to other neighborhoods. Nick very quickly understood what we needed and our likes and dislikes despite the lack of clear instructions. Nick proved to be extremely patient and made the whole experience rather more fun than a traditional stressful one. We did see a number of apartments to discover what the neighborhoods are like, and we got very good descriptions from Nick. It took about one month before we found the apartment. We highly recommend Nick if you want an understanding, caring, patient broker.

- Thierry Rainteau (via Yelp),   March 07, 2013
Nick Goforth was a great broker to work with! When I moved to NYC 2 years ago, I had a horrific experience with a broker and swore I would never use one again! Unfortunately, with my boyfriend and I looking for a place this time and our search criteria, I quickly found out this was going to be nearly I turned to Anchor Associates. Nick Goforth answered my email and we set up an appointment to look at places the next day. He showed us a bunch of great places and at the end of the day, we saw the perfect apartment to meet our criteria. We submitted our application immediately and while there were a few bumps with the application process, thanks to Nick I would consider the process a smooth one (and one without any tears shed like the last time). Nick was always very calm and helped to keep us calm when the few bumps/issues arose. I really feel as though he worked very hard to get us an amazing apartment. We were able to sign the lease just in time before Hurricane Sandy hit too. Now we are all moved in and I''m happy we can thank Nick for helping us find this place. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

- Leah E. (via Yelp),   December 05, 2012
Nicholas Goforth was a genuine pleasure to work with. My daughter and I appreciated his hard work, manner and excellent advice. We recommend him to anyone looking for an apartment in New York!

- Lane G.,   November 13, 2012
Nicholas was amazing. Together we sorted through listing after listing and checked out multiple apartments. He was insightful in helping me navigate the application process and ultimately I landed the perfect apartment for my needs with his expert help. Nicholas rocks!!!!

- Jillian B.,   May 22, 2012
Nick Goforth was such a pleasure to work with. A broker that wasn''t pushy, always attentive and most importantly always responsive and honestly found me the apartment I needed in less than a day and even negotiated down with the agent my deposit. Score. He was always there to answer any questions and follow up with paperwork, I couldn''t have asked for a dreamier first time experience with a broker. Good ones are hard to come by and I highly recommend Nick. Thanks!

- Simone M.,   May 17, 2012
Nicholas Goforth!!!! Finally a genuine broker in this city. Nick was very pleasant and easy to work with. We''ve all had some awful brokers stalking us with their sleaze, but Nick was patient and composed, definitely not overbearing like the rest of them. I highly recommend Nick. Bravo buddy, it was a pleasure working with you.

- Derek Y. (via Yelp),   March 14, 2012
We worked with the best real estate agent in all of New York City here, Nicholas Goforth. He is extremely diligent, listens to what you want and tries to match that, and the ONLY honest broker we worked with. Seriously, the only one. We would recommend him to anyone and will contact him again for our next move.

- Kitty L. (via Yelp) 3/5/12,   March 07, 2012
My wife and I thought we could take on the task of finding a place on our own. After three weeks of random searching and limited success we were luckily contact by Nick Goforth. Nick stepped in and got a great feel for what we were looking for (along with our budget) in no time at all. He worked diligently in researching potential places to check out and was great communicating back and forth with us in between searches to make sure that we didn''t waste our time seeing places that wouldn''t work for us. After only one week and two days looking, Nick found us the perfect place on only our second visit. We absolutely love it so far and have Nick to thank for it. Without him, we would have ended up paying more and living in a place that we weren''t totally in love with. I HIGHLY recommend Nick as a broker to everybody, regardless of neighborhood and budget. Nick will find the right place for you.

- Chris M. (via Yelp),   February 29, 2012
Finding an apartment with Nicholas Goforth was a breath of fresh air! He is hands down the most hard working broker I''ve ever known, and I''ve worked with plenty in the city. He is organized, always shows up on time WITH keys (can''t believe how many brokers can''t get their key situation together) and worked tirelessly to find me the perfect place. He is a delight to be around, spent many hours walking around the city with me in frigid temperatures and was more than patient and accommodating when I flip flopped back and forth about what I was looking for. Worth every penny of his broker''s fee, he helped me find a number of great options that would accommodate my large dog (nearly impossible to find in this city) and would actually walk through each apartment inch by inch to help me visualize the space. He makes insightful suggestions without being at all pushy, absorbs everything you tell him about your search and is honest, sincere, friendly and diligent. You can''t go wrong, he''s fantastic.

- Lisa C. (via Yelp),   February 24, 2012
Finding the perfect apartment in NYC can be a very stressful & time consuming process. My recommendation: use a broker (preferably Nicholas Goforth of Anchor Associates!!) I spent a great deal of time researching areas, contacting (who I thought to be) owners, making appointments... only to be disappointed time after time. I was lucky enough to come across an incredible apartment... and an incredible broker!! Unfortunately, the timing was a little off with my current lease, so I had to pass. However, the next day Nick emailed me with another amazing find. (He really listened to what I was looking for, what my priorities were, etc.) The second I walked into the apartment, I just knew - it was my new NYC home! It had everything I was looking for - location, amenities, within budget, etc. There is no way I would have found a place like this on my own. It is a wonderful feeling having someone on your side when it comes to finding that perfect NYC apartment. There are millions of listings on millions of websites, all claiming to have unbeatable deals. I was working full time and by the end of a long work day, the last thing I wanted to do was hunt for an apartment. Nick kept an eye out for me, did his research and worked around my schedule. One week later - I signed the lease! If you need help finding your perfect apartment, contact Nick at Anchor Associates. It''s the first (and best) step to take!

- Jennifer P. (from Yelp),   February 15, 2012
I have to say it has been a while since I have looked at apartment rentals and used to know many people in the Real Estate business. I, myself, am a New Yorker and know the market pretty well. However, I needed to rent an apartment for my daughter and needed a short term lease. Many places I called wouldn''t even waste their time dealing with me, as they knew their "commissions" would not be tremendous. I stumbled upon a great young man by the name of Nicolas Goforth, who was kind, patient, friendly, and totally willing and able to find us what we were looking for. Our needs were as important to him, as any other deals he might of been working on which would have ultimately made him more money. I HIGHLY recommend contacting "Nic" as we,now,kindly refer to him. He showed us everything out there within our budget, and short term rental needs. Nic didn''t waste our time or try to sway us into looking in other areas of the city that had many apartments which would have suited our needs as our desire was "location, location, location." Do yourself a favor.....when you are looking for your next place to live, or, more importantly, a place for your college aged son or daughter, YOU MUST reach out to him. I promise you that he will do the right thing by you, and really will care about you, as a human being, as opposed to you as a dollar sign! Seriously, he is a top notch honest man, who is as sweet and kind as anyone you will find out there, and knowledgeable beyond our wildest expectations.

- Melanie S. (from,   January 30, 2012

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