Agent Testimonials for Nicholas Sliva

Hi Nick, Im so happy I got lucky and Emily referred us to you. My husband was adamant not to work with a broker because of all the nasty situations we have had in the past. For someone who is very critical of brokers, it is easy to say that you won my husband over : ) Were very happy with everything and so glad to get this stressful apartment search out of the way with little trouble at all. When we got home, Mark says "I wish everything was that easy" haha you did great THANKS!!!

- Laurie & Mark Goldstein,   December 03, 2012
Hey Nick : ) Just when we thought all was hopeless you pulled us out of the hell known as "Every other broker in the city!!" Thanks so much for understanding our situation and we couldnt ask for a better result. We are very grateful for all the time you spent with us and I know we had high expectations and a difficult situation and we love all the help you provided us. Cannot ask for anything better than what we have now. Thanks so much!

- Katie, Alex, Lexi,   November 30, 2012
Nick, Im not sure what we enjoyed more, finding a great apartment or meeting you and reviving our faith in sales people. Thank you very much for being there for us and I have to say that Laurie brings you up everytime someone is talking about apartments in the city. Thanks again, and please be sure not to lose touch with us.

- Ryan and Laurie Reynolds,   November 29, 2012
Hi Nick, Best service, and overall experience was great. Wasnt expecting much after the last half a dozen brokers I met with from last year, which I didnt call any of them back this time around for a apartment but you definitely changed that!! Certainly I we will work in the future together when I upgrade in the future.

- Rick Caltabiano,   November 28, 2012
Hi Nick, We just moved in and the apartment looks fantastic!! Were VERY excited and its all because of you! Smart New Yorkers such as myself are even impressed with your abilities to navigate around in this competitive market. Thanks so much for being so honest and genuine. I love my place and so glad to have worked with you.

- Pete & Amanda Allen,   November 27, 2012
Where do I begin?!?! I can say all the normal things such as understanding, patient, outstanding listener but overall Nicks greatest asset is himself. Outstanding person who is genuine and straightforward. What you see is what you get, and he exceeded all of my expectations. Thank again Nick!

- Michelle Shapiro,   November 26, 2012
Dear Nick, Thank you for service you provided to my husband and I. Too be honest, I didnt have much faith in the majority of brokers ive wroked with in New York especially since my Husband and I have lived here for the past 8 years AND THANK GOD FOR PROVING US WRONG : ) Thank you very much and we look forward to telling our friends about our experience with you

- Jennifer & Mike,   November 15, 2012
Hi Nick, You were relaxed, courteous, responsible, intelligent and very efficient. We had never lived in Manhattan before and we were from out of state-- so there was plenty of room for anxiety and other various preoccupations. However, from the moment we met Nick, he was available, efficient, competent, and wonderful to work with. We have no complaints, only praise and we had a hunch we''d be happy with your services. We were right! Thanks for everything.

- Adam & Meg,   November 12, 2012
Dear Nick, Jackie and I are so happy to have met you and find the perfect apartment (no exageration). We truly feel as if we found the best deal for us and were very thankful. Hopefully you can make our housewarming party because we would love to introduce you to our friends and give you more business!! Hope to hear from you soon and thank you again!

- Laura & Jackie,   November 10, 2012
Thank you so much for helping us find exactly what we needed in an apartment. Given that we were remote we had assumed that it would be more complicated to make this transaction happen. You and your group made the process so simple, transparent and painless. We could not have asked for more. I am sure you have tons of great testimonials but if there ever a need for a referral please feel free to ping us and I will personally call them to let them know what a great group you have. Thanks,

- Claudia Perez,   November 08, 2012
Before we started working with an agent, my wife and I thought we had it all figured out - we did our internet research, narrowed down what we wanted in a apartment and a neighborhood, went to open houses, and directly to managements and found the "perfect" place that we wanted to make an offer on but realized it was not available. We chalked that up as a lost and did the work again only to have missed the apartment again. We realized that the market moves very quickly and we did not have the time to keep searching and searching only to be let down again. We soon realized that we needed some help -- and found Nick through his listings on NY Times. Sight unseen, Nick was extremely nice and professional and willing to help guide us. This turned out to be the best decision we could have made -- it turns out our "perfect" apartment wasnt so perfect after all. We had no idea about certain buildings that we didnt know existed. Due to Nick''s flexibility and willingness to listen, and apply his market knowledge to our criteria,we were able to move on to the apartment that was right for us. After making this rookie (search on my own) mistake, we were worried that Nick might have been reluctant to work with us -- nothing could have been further from the truth. Nick was always available via phone and email, and spend many evenings and weekends showing us apartments. We got a fair price on a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath apartment in a great neighborhood in Midtown. Closing was a breeze, and we moved in last week! We certainly couldn''t have done this without Nick and can''t recommend him highly enough. If you''re looking for an agent who strikes a balance between staying in the background when you are trying to form your own opinion without pressure and a tough negotiator who isn''t afraid to tell you or another agent the hard truth, Nick Sliva is a great choice.

- Greg & Jen Chittim,   November 07, 2012
From the moment I met Nick Sliva, it was apparent how well versed and aware he is in the real estate world. With his innate personality, enthusiasm and communication skills to his infectious tenacity for his career, his capacity to work with his clients is immeasurable. Nick is effective, listening to his clients wants and needs. Delivering both expectations is no easy feat, however Nick does this in a manner that makes working as a realtor seem effortless and easy. He has helped me with my interest in Securing my first NYC real estate and taught me the guidelines and rules that go along with the ever-changing market. I always know I can come to him with questions and get the best possible information and advice

- Ryan Larrouz,   November 06, 2012
"I wanted to take a little time to write to you regarding my experience with our apartment search through your team. I live in Vegas Nevada, and the effort and frustration of finding an apartment last minute in NYC was a daunting prospect. I scoured the internet, reading as much as I could about the various real estate brokerages, and dialed the number for NUMEROUS BROKERS. After speaking to a few brokers I felt fairly comfortable that at least one would be competant enough to help me. Upon my arrival I nearly lost my mind after meeting with 3 different brokers who apparently are dyslexic or for better words morons. After going back to my hotel, I decided to give a couple more brokers a call in which one of them happened to be Nick. Only 30 seconds into the phone conversation I knew Nick was a few knotches above the rest. The conversation actually felt like he genuinely cared about my concerns and after meeting him in person it was a major relief. It was my good fortune that Nick Sliva answered the phone. I was instantly impressed with Nick, who proved superb, start to finish. When I met him in person I was even more impressed, and decided right away that I will be fine. Nick was always quick to answer my calls and emails (Instantly) and wasquick to respond to my concerns. In short, I feel very fortunate to have met and selected Nick to help me find a great place. I would without hesitation recommend Nick to anyone, local or long distance, with a property to sell, rent, or buy. I have to think that his knowledge and professionalism would be of benefit to buyers as well as sellers. Many thanks to Nick, and everyone at The Sliva Peri Group who assisted me at this difficult time. I remain very appreciative."

- Dave and Abi,   November 05, 2012
My husband and I recently had the wonderful experience of getting an apartmentwith Nick all within thirty days with the assistance of Nick. Our friends and family were shocked with how fast this was done especially during this difficult real estate market. I credit Nick tremendously for his hard work and expertise in accomplishing this tiredsome task for us. He negotiated aggressively on our behalf for the price of our new apartment beyond our expectations and was able to get a price that was acceptable to us. Nick takes the time to understand what his client’s needs and wishes are and does whatever he can to assure that they are happy. We have already recommended friends to him.

- Ben & Casey ,   November 05, 2012
Thank you so much for helping us find our apartment in such trying economic times. You were a true professional. You were knowledgeable about the area and the were readliy available at all times and everything you predicted came true! Thank you for your patience and understanding. I know we weren''t the easiest client to have being active military and moving to NYC before the house sold. But you were made everything possible and you made it happen without inconvenience. We HIGHLY recommend you to anyone looking for the "BEST in the BUSINESS" to Rent, Buy, or Sell! You truly have the customer''s best interest at heart from the moment you meet them until the job is done! Thank you again for everything!

- Mike & Sara Weiner,   October 24, 2012
"Kristin and I were very fortunate to find a Real Estate Agent who was willing to take as much time as was needed to find our new home. Nick was extremely helpful throughout the entire buying process. He answered questions and educated us on the limitless details to consider when making a purchase of a new home. We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor who gives the "personal" touch when looking for a new home. " Thanks again, Kristin and Nate

- Kristin and Nate,   October 23, 2012
just recently rented my first apartment and wanted to give everyone that is looking to rent an apartment a little tip/secret. Nick Sliva with Anchor Associates is the BEST. I will not tell you a lie, renting a apartment (at least your first apt) is/can be stressful, but Nick was there every step of the way to help with anything and also to help explain everything that was going on. He made the rental process a pleasure from the start of looking at apt up until the end. Hopefully it will not happen for a while, because I LOVE my new apt, but if I ever buy or rent the first person that I will call will be Nick Sliva.

- Linda Steinberg,   October 18, 2012
Hey Nick, First off, thanks for helping find my friend Eric an apartment last week. I bet that was the quickest referral youve ever recieved haha. Anyway, the guys and I love the apartment it works great and we have more space than we thought. Thank god we put our egos aside and listened to you from the beginning or we would have lost this apartment and probably ended up with something different. Thanks alot for all your help and we appreciate your straight forward approach with us because I know we tend to think we know it all and we obviously dont lol!! Thanks Nick

- Ron, JT, Mike,   November 07, 2011
Hi Nick, I Hope you are doing well. Everything here is great and we are enjoying our new space and most of all glad to get out of this whole situation with as little pain as possible and we only have you to thank. My wife and I were telling a group of friends at dinner how great you are and if you continue to take care of everyone as well as you took care of us, you will be the next shark in this city!! Thanks my man, and let me know when your available so we can grab a drink.

- Craig and Judy Marino,   November 07, 2011
Hey Nick! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH <3 We are very happy in our new apartment and it actually is much better than my last apartment which every broker I met before you made it seem like I wouldnt find something as good. Thanks so much and Hollie told me to tell you shes going to run a word of mouth marketing campaign to get you referrals haha. Thanks again and we appreciate everything

- Kelsey T, Hollie A.,   November 07, 2011
Hey Nick, Just wanted to give you the update. First off, we love our place, and the building rocks! So glad my husband listened to you and we went with the doorman building over the other option. The service and staff here is great and we have you to thank for it! We have two seperate couples coming to the city next month looking to rent and we told them that they only can work with you and that they do not have any say in it!! hehe. Lets stay in touch!

- Amy and Craig,   November 07, 2011
Nick, Bill and I appreciate all that you have done for us, and we certainly look forward to working with you when we decide to buy in the near future. Although you had the knowledge, professionalism, and patience, most of all we appreciate and thank you for being you. Since both Bill and I are in Sales, we were expecting to meet a typical salesperson not someone who truley appears to care and we thank you. Look forward to taking you to dinner : )

- Alison & Bill R.,   November 07, 2011
Before arriving to New York City I scheduled several appointments with a number of brokers. After meeting with 4 or 5 different brokers I felt overwhelmed and anxious to find someone or something that can guide me in the right direction to show me properties that will work for me because I knew they were out there. On the last day of our search before heading back to Texas, we searched online, and I called Nick Sliva on one of his listings. Truthfully I wasnt expecting much after meeting several brokers but to my amazement he really delivered on his words. He showed my husband and I numerous apartments like he promised and made adjustments based on our needs. A long story short, he shattered our expectations and we highly reccommend anyone searching for an apartment to contact him for his services (Dallas Texas) Thanks Nick!

- Stacey Widdlington,   May 30, 2011

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