Agent Testimonials for Danielle Rantapaa

I had a great experience with Danielle Rantapaa from Anchor Associates. My roommate and I had only two days to find a place, and Danielle was very helpful in finding us a great place to live for immediate move-in. Danielle was very organized and was able to show us several places in a short amount of time. Her knowledge of the city was very helpful to us since both of us were relocating to New York and were relatively unfamiliar with the city. I highly recommend Danielle!

- Alex B. - Ellicott City, MD,   July 25, 2012
I strongly recommend Danielle Rantapaa of Anchor Associates. I am relocating to New York and had a very limited amount of time to find a place. Danielle was able to show my roommate and I a number of quality apartments that were available immediately. We were able to get the lease signed over the course of a long weekend and are very excited about the new space. Danielle was very knowledgeable about the ins and outs of the various neighborhoods and was never pushy. I am very grateful for Danielle''s help in my moving process and would recommend her to anyone looking for a new place in the city.

- Travis E. - Washington, DC,   July 25, 2012
Danielle Rantapaa is the BEST! Working with Danielle was such a pleasure and she somehow managed to make the stressful task of finding a Manhattan apartment into one of the the most painless processes ever! We were moving to New York for the first time, and though we had seen Anchor''s great listings on the internet, we thought they were too good to be true. So we foolishly spent an entire weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) looking at subpar properties, all of which were at the tops of our budgets and in less than ideal locations, with a broker from a different agency. We were at our wits'' end and had come to terms with leaving the city empty-handed when, in our final attempt to find an apartment, we decided to contact Danielle after reading other reviews about her. We frantically emailed her at midnight on Sunday, she immediately reached out to us and set up an appointment for the very next morning. It was pouring rain the entire morning, but Danielle still showed up as promised. We met at 11 am, saw several totally wonderful options and just a few hours later were signing papers and leaving New York having found an AMAZING apartment. There is absolutely no way that we could have done any of this without Danielle''s help! Danielle was honest, efficient, and always looking out for our best interests. Even after we left New York, Danielle was in constant contact with us, always readily available to answer any questions we had, and willing to help in any way possible. Since our apartment lease didn''t start for another month, Danielle even offered to help find a temporary sublease during her own personal "off-the-clock" time. If you are looking for an apartment in NYC, don''t waste your time looking with other with Danielle !!!

- Lauren S. ,   June 26, 2012
I had the great fortune of being introduced to Danielle Rantapaa during my quest to find an Apt in the city. I was under some desperate time constraints without much knowledge of the city and Danielle was exactly the break I needed. Clearly smart and capable, she compiled a list of places for me to view in short notice, all of them in sync with my needs. She navigated through the city expertly and liaised with Apt supers/doormen/managers to get complete access allowing me to get a good feel of each place. It was a complete relief that she was never pushy or overbearing. She provided sound advise and suggestions based on observations and her experiences living in the city which helped me a great deal. She is a wonderful person to be around; polite and engaging with unique life experiences mirrored in her personality. I always had the feeling that she was on my side with my interests her primary concern. I came to a decision rather late in the evening and Danielle cheerfully made arrangements to have the paperwork filed at her office well past her office hours. I don''t write reviews as a habit and felt compelled to do so this occasion as Danielle is truly a magnificent professional who I endorse unreservedly.

- Dilan J.,   June 26, 2012
Danielle is the best and most attentive Realtor I''ve ever encountered. She was attentive, honest and actually listened to what we wanted in our apartment search. If we weren''t feeling a place, we would move on without her trying to sell anything on us. I felt like she was genuinely on our side and excited for us every step of the way. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

- Kristin R.,   June 12, 2012
I have worked with many brokers over the years and would HIGHLY recommend Danielle Rantapaa. As the guarantor on my daughter''s rental lease and as a parent, I really appreciated Danielle''s attention to our specific needs and the fact that she only showed us places that were all very viable options. She is enthusiastic, professional, hard-working and does not resort to the high-pressure tactics that too many of her counterparts use. I would highly recommend her

- Jean –Marc L.,   June 08, 2012
I first met Danielle when I was working as the on-site leasing agent at a luxury rental building in midtown. I showed her and her clients a couple of the units we had available and they ended up taking one of them. It was obvious that Danielle''s clients loved her as she was very knowledgeable, honest, and trustworthy. We were able to wrap everything up in a couple days because she is so well prepared and easy to work with. Danielle is the ultimate professional and I would highly recommend her if you''re looking for an apartment to rent.

- -Nate,   May 07, 2012
Danielle Rantapaa was excellent! For me, moving to NYC for the first time, Danielle was very patient and made sure to explain everything to me multiple times so there was no confusion. She was always very accessible via phone, text, and email for any questions I had. She showed me apartments that were within my reach financially and in line with my geographic preference, just like I asked. Additionally, she was very friendly and sociable. She was truly a pleasure to work with, and I would (and already have) recommend her to anyone looking to rent in NYC!!

- Mike C.,   May 07, 2012
My husband and I were brand new to the city and had no idea where to begin hunting for an apartment. We had heard bad things about brokers but we decided we needed the help and we were very lucky to find Danielle Rantapaa. Honestly we don't know how we would have done it without her! She was very friendly and easy to work with and she completely knew her stuff! She didn't push us to be at the top of our price range and she made sure to only show us good apartments that we could afford. She walked us through the crazy process and was genuinely excited for us when we got our apartment! We are thrilled with our place and know that we would not have been able to get it without Danielle! It's also important to note that while we're sure Danielle has some high spenders as clients, my husband and I are not. We had a smaller budget than many I'm sure. However Danielle treated us like we were the most important people and she spent all the time with us that we needed and she has followed up since to make sure we were happy. We were thrilled with her and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks Danielle!

- Sadie S. ,   December 05, 2011
Danielle was a fantastic broker for us! We had specifics that we were looking for, and she showed us the best places within those parameters. She also asked us a lot of engaging questions which really opened our thinking to other opportunities. She didn't force anything on us at all, but had great recommendations and ideas after getting to know us well enough to know what we were looking for. We wound up taking a place in an area that we would gave never thought of and are very glad she made the recommendation. She has a great report with what seems like every leasing office in town, and really fights for you to get the deal you deserve. If you want a great experience finding a place in Manhattan without all of the typical broker BS, Danielle Rantapaa is the one for you! Trust me, you will be happy.

- Grant Yeatman ,   October 21, 2011
My roommate and I are very satisfied with our rental experience with Danielle Rantapaa at Anchor. We described what we wanted in terms of rent, space, location and noted that we only had a few days to search given our travel schedules. Danielle showed us eight apts in areas we thought we wanted to be in but we ended up taking the apt she suggested in StuyTown (an area we hadn't previously considered) given what we had told her about our wants/needs. Then, after we moved in, there was some confusion regarding the pressurized wall costs and we reached out to Danielle for help, expecting not to hear back since we had already signed the lease. Much to our surprise and delight, she called us within minutes of our email and tried to help us out. We both love the apt and the East Village and we wouldn't have been here if it weren't for Danielle. We both thought Danielle did a great job of understanding our wants/needs, suggesting new options and not being too pushy and letting us make the most informed decision we could - a combination of qualities that are increasingly rare amongst Manhattan realtors! Thanks Danielle!

- Sandeep M. ,   October 07, 2011
Looking for an apartment is always a nightmare, but even more so when your future landlord breaks your lease and you have 2 weeks to find a new home or else your couch surfing. Enter Danielle Rantapaa at Anchor Associates Chelsea. She is my life/apartment saver. I have never once had a good experience with a Realtor until now. Danielle makes you feel like you're her only client. I have never received such amazing customer support and service. Even when I had put an application down on an apartment, she was still organizing her Saturday to continue hunting with me, just in case we lost that one. She was organized, met me at all of the apartments, came with a listing and everyone was expecting us. She's professional and thorough and if I ever need another apartment (which we hope we don't!) I wouldn't hesitate to call her. You should too.

- Devorah B.,   August 24, 2011
This was our first time to work with Ms. Danielle Rantapaa. She has very good communication skill, and conducts business very efficiently. She also has good relationships with various building managements. We cannot imagine anyone having a higher level of professionalism and dedication than she did. The "know how" knowledge she possesses plus the ability to understand her client''s needs are difficult to be paralleled. And all of that was in rare combination with a very warm and friendly attitude. The thing impressed us the most was her willingness to go the "extra mile" to help her clients, which is not very common in today''s business environments. Ms. Danielle Rantapaa is highly recommended!

  July 25, 2011
Danielle Rantapaa is amazing!!!! I cannot say enough great things about her. I found her randomly by searching various listing sites, so I did not really know what to expect (since she did not come through a personal referral to me). She was professional, outgoing, and a pleasure to be around. She showed me 8 great apartments on our first outing and several more on a second outing, and she knew the details of each before we arrived. Clearly, she does her homework. She always returned texts or voicemails promptly. Many of the building management agents knew her so she clearly works very hard! I have moved a few times over the years of living in nyc and if I ever move again I will definitely hire her as my broker. I hope this conveys my enthusiasm and sincere positive review for her--she deserves it! Her office number is (212) 452-6106 in case you would like to get in touch with her. I highly recommend her!!!

- Karen Rogers,   June 27, 2011
I found Danielle Rantapaa on the Anchor NYC website based on her fabulous reviews! She is wonderful! It took me 2 days to find an apartment with her. She showed me everything around my price range and was careful to be certain my priorities were met. At first I didn't want to pay a broker fee but she explained to me the current rental market status and that there was a shortage of no fee apartments. After I heard this and realized how difficult finding an apartment in NYC is, I was more than willing to pay a fee. I was amazed at how knowledgeable she was; her memory is fantastic and she was able to recall everything we saw as I got them mixed up frequently. We saw a lot of buildings and she was able to inform me of everything about them upfront including amenities and proximity to subway. She has many wonderful relationships with building agents and is able to negotiate with them on your behalf! She is also always accessible via text, email, and phone and responds in record time, she WILL NOT keeping you waiting for answers! She stresses the importance of having all your paperwork upfront and making quick decisions for a reason--She is not pushy but she does stress these things because apartments move VERY fast. I lost an apartment because I didn't move quick enough. She will inform you of how much time you have to make a decision---take heed to her advice: she really knows what she is talking about! She is an absolute pleasure to work with every step of the process! I couldn't have asked for a more organized, professional and pleasant person! If you are new to NYC or even a seasoned veteran, you will not go wrong with Danielle! I am sending anyone that needs a broker to her!

- Lauren,   June 27, 2011
When I first met Danielle, she was warm, friendly, and provided great feedback. When the first few apartments I looked at were not a good fit for me, Danielle patiently listened to my criteria and guided my search to the right properties. I ended up finding a great place thanks to Danielle’s motivation, attentiveness, and great communication skills. I definitely would recommend her to friends/family.

- Adam B. Wexler,   April 27, 2011
Hi Danielle, I wanted to thank you again for all of your help and pass along the below testimonial to share with the appropriate contacts at Anchor. I was perfectly happy living in the upper east side for the past five years but when my job moved from the financial district to the world financial center I realized it would be best for me to move further downtown to shorten my commute. I''d always dreaded moving because its such a hassle and the brokers I''d dealt with were inexplicably and unnecessarily pushy and obnoxious. I had started down the route of working with some of these brokers when I THANKFULLY decided to email Danielle based on a craigslist posting. When I first spoke to Danielle on the phone she not only took the time to listen to me to find out what I was looking for, but she was familiar with some of the buildings that others had shown me (which pleasantly surprised me!) so was able to take a fuller account of what apartment and neighborhood would best suit me. When I met Danielle in person it took maybe 20 minutes to know that I had found my new home or at a minimum had found the only broker who I actually enjoyed working with and who I knew would be the person I''d rely on to find my next apartment! As Danielle began to show me a handful of apartments that were all generally what I was looking for, she continued to ask insightful questions which made it clear to me that she had genuine expertise and that she was going to be able to manage my expectations and also give me hope that my apartment search was going to come to a satisfying and fruitful conclusion. After showing me just two apartments Danielle said to me, "I think the next apartment is going to be perfect for you". She was absolutely right and I’m moving in next week! Working with Danielle was like having a trusted friend fill the shoes of a broker. It was a thrill to partner with someone so professional, courteous, thoughtful and warm WITH a sense of urgency who ably guided me through what was a seamless and enjoyable process. I’ve already begun to refer Danielle to friends so that they too can see what its like to enjoy finding a new home in the city!

  February 24, 2011
I definitely recommend working with Danielle if you are looking for an apartment in the city. I was a first-time renter in NYC, and Danielle's company was recommended to me by a friend. I was a bit skeptical at first about using a broker (mainly because of financial concerns), but it very quickly became apparent that Danielle's expertise and familiarity with the city and its neighborhoods would be an invaluable addition to my apartment search process. Danielle was very in tune to my specific request to look at no-fee apartments only, and she made sure to only show me apartments with the features that were most important to me. Every apartment we saw was high quality, in a safe area, and each would have made a great home. During the actual apartment search, Danielle was very patient with answering my questions, and she respected my desire to take measurements at each apartment. She was also very helpful in offering advice on how to set up and decorate each apartment space we saw. Because all of the apartments we saw were empty, it was sometimes hard for me to visualize how I would set everything up so as to best utilize the space available. Danielle was particularly helpful in this area, as she had numerous great ideas for how to incorporate a living/dining/sleeping area into one single space. Danielle would be a great addition to any apartment search process - first-timers as well as repeat apartment renters. I recommend giving her a call!

- Jennifer Long,   December 13, 2010
I have to recommend Danielle on her professionalism, she truly was a joy to work with. I've worked with several real estate agents over the last 12 years for both buying, selling and renting apartments and she is by far the best agent that I have ever worked with. She took the time to get to know what I was looking for an apartment instead of forcing options on me. I was fairly picky in what I was looking for and spent a lot of time looking, and Danielle was very accommodating and patient with me. I would recommend Danielle to any of my friends or family members that are looking for an apartment in NYC. Thanks Again,

- Sammy Abdalla,   September 30, 2010
Hi Danielle, Danielle Rantapaa is the best broker I have ever worked with. Danielle is organized, responsible and timely; she cuts to the chase and shows you only apartments that align with your interests. Her energetic, friendly and polite nature has enabled her to create strong relationships with landlords, building managers and leasing offices all over the city, allowing her to negotiate the best terms for her clients. I would refer Danielle to anyone looking for an apartment in NYC. Again, thank you for all of your help!!

- Andrea Ferzoco. Business Development Executive,   August 20, 2010
“I engaged Ms. Rantapaa to rent apartments that I own in Manhattan, as an exclusive broker. Ms. Rantapaa’s performance was outstanding. She was able to photograph, effectively advertise and rent my apartments extremely quickly. She was completely professional and a delight to work with. She kept me abreast of her efforts throughout, was extremely responsive and personally took care of every detail of each transaction. I have already highly recommended her to several friends who are looking for apartments in Manhattan”. Sincerely,

- Sharon Brender,   August 19, 2010
Danielle was extremely helpful to me and my roommate during our apartment search. I had previously dealt with other brokers and I must say Danielle was by far the most efficient and listened to what our needs were. She took us to exactly the kinds of places we were looking for and made sure we were aware of anything that we needed to know during the search (i.e. apartment fees, comparable prices, etc). Aside from being very friendly, Danielle was also extremely professional with us and was clearly in it for our best interest, which was finding a new home that we were comfortable with and that fit our parameters. She even went above and beyond her duty as a broker to help us with finding the right movers and wall installation company. I would highly recommend Danielle to anyone who is about to embark on the often difficult and sometimes stressful NYC apartment search - she will ensure that you find exactly what you need and the process will be seamless and efficient.

- Kyle. ,   July 16, 2010
"Danielle helped me find a gorgeous home, at the right price, in a great location. She pays attention to all of the little details that matter to you, and takes care of everything else that doesn't. She is easy to reach and super-responsive, so I'm glad I gave her a call." Thanks again for everything, and don't worry, I'll be in touch if I need anything ;-) Kindly,

- Alex,   May 14, 2010
In hopes to find the perfect apartment, I spent countless hours searching on Craiglist, NYBit, and speaking to other brokers. After meeting with other brokers, and seeing apartments that were either exactly what I didn't want, or out of my price range, I became extremely discouraged by the entire process, and extremely angry at the hours wasted. Working with Danielle completely changed my opinion. She asked us what was important to us in an apartment, and then came up with many listings that were in my price range, and most importantly, exactly what I was looking for. In one day, she helped me and my sister find the perfect apartment. She was kind, thorough, organized and extremely easy to work with. Most importantly, she really cared about what we were looking for and didn't waste our time; Danielle absolutely prioritizes her clients first and is extremely familiar and adept with the NYC housing market. I would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation. Thank you so much Danielle! Best,

- Richa,   May 14, 2010
Danielle, Thank you for all your help and patience. You provided us with very professional, reliable service. Always being punctual & attentive helped take the stress out of finding an apartment. We will be sure to recommend you. Thanks again,

- Peter & Pat,   May 10, 2010
I had the pleasure of working with Danielle to find my new home here in NY. I recently moved from San Francisco, and was accustom to spending a lot of time on craigslist, trying to find the right apartment. In San Francisco, you have the flexibility and time to stop by the apartment two or three times before you actually move forward with your decision. Not here. I decided to seek advice from an agent to help expedite my search, and I had the fortune of meeting Danielle. I also decided to work with a few other agents, and quickly realized that Danielle took the time to understand exactly what I was looking for in a home, and only showed apartments that matched my requirements. She is extremely professional, understands what her clients are looking for, and makes the process as simple and effortless as possible. I would recommend Danielle to anyone that is looking for a new apartment, because she takes the time to truly understand everything you are looking for, and delivers in a timely fashion. Thanks Danielle!

- Chris,   May 07, 2010
"We recommend Danielle without hesitation for finding your home in the dizzying NYC rental market. She listened to our preferences and pin pointed exactly what we were looking for; and almost immediately. She has a keen sense of her client as well as the market place which made the experience of finding a home seem effortless"-

- C & S Stevens,   April 06, 2010
Free time is a commodity that, like most new yorkers, I do not have. Even when it came to searching for my own apartment! I didn't need to explain this to Danielle. She already knew it and from the very beginning came out with a plan to just show me the best apartments in my price range. The whole process was smooth, quick, satisfactory and (believe it or not) even enjoyable. What do you ask more of your broker ? PS:Oh and just in case you were in this page are from the actual broker ^^

- Alberto.,   March 29, 2010
Danielle, Thank you so much for all of your help. The wine was totally unnecessary, but very much appreciated. Best of luck; I will certainly refer you onto friends in need of a real estate broker.

- Andrew.,   March 15, 2010
Danielle was fantastic to work with! I had to move out of my old place in PA and into NYC very quickly. In only three hours, she showed me 10 great places. At the end of it, I found an apartment I really liked, on a high floor with a view, for $900 / month LESS than I was prepared to spend. I couldn't be happier, and recommend Danielle highly.

- Kevin,   March 09, 2010
I have worked with Danielle for over 2 years now. I could not imagine having found a better broker! She is reliant, caring, and very good at doing her job. I never hesitate anytime I get a chance to recommend her to others or brag about how I have the best broker in the city!

- Richard Bogart,   March 05, 2010
Hi Danielle, I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! You really listened to what Jocelyn and I wanted and ran with it. I especially appreciate that you put so much time into finding out exactly what we wanted and didn't waste our time by showing us places that were out of our budget. You were always available and incredibly nice whenever we had a question or concern. You definitely went above and beyond! It was an absolute pleasure working with you and I hope that we meet again, and soon! Best of luck,

- Tej ,   February 22, 2010
Hi Danielle, Thanks again for your help finding us our new apartment. After living in New York City for several years now and leasing several apartments, this has been (by far) the most efficient/smoothest process I have experienced. You're attentiveness to our preferences/requirements was right on target - consequently, we were able to find an apartment the very first day we looked! Thanks again!

- Melissa,   February 10, 2010
Danielle immediately identified what kind of apartment I was looking for, showed me only selections that fit my qualifications, and when I found one I liked made the process go as smoothly and rapidly as possible. All while keeping me well informed every step of the way. I highly recommend letting her help you find your new home!

- Jason,   February 01, 2010
Dear Danielle, Thank you so very much for helping Eugene and I to find our new apartment. It was a real pleasure working with you. I didn’t expect this process to be so easy… You understood immediately what we were looking for and made sure to show us only the apartments that would suit us. You didn’t waist our time and this was very much appreciated. Your sunny disposition and professionalism are amazing! We are very happy in our new place – all due to your efforts. Thanks again, and we’ll stay in touch. Best regards,

- Irena & Eugene,   January 13, 2010
Danielle, I wanted to thank you again for the time you spent with Jaime and me on Saturday showing us several great apartments. As we mentioned to you that day, after dealing with some shady agents and their fake postings, we started feeling like everyone was just out to make a dollar and wasn't actually interested in showing us what we were asking to see. Thank you for showing us that there are still agents out there who take the time to listen to their customers and show them apartments that can actually feel like home instead of just a place to store things. I'm sorry that in the end we didn't take one of the great apartments you showed us but I can vouch for your postings 100% -you definitely don't show "crappy" apartments. I wish you continued success in this recovering economy and I thank you again for all your help. If I can ever refer someone to you, I most definitely will. Sincerely,

- Ilya and Jaime,   January 11, 2010
Hey Danielle, Just got finished moving in a little while ago. Very excited! Thanks again for everything! Below is my testimonial. I better see you at our apt warming party!! Danielle, Thank you so much for all of your help finding me my new apartment. It was such a pleasure working with you. You're a true professional. You showed me nothing but beautiful apartments, IN MY PRICE RANGE! You didn't advertise apartments that weren't available just to lure me in. And you always knew all the right questions to ask, especially since I didn't. By the time we were done looking, you actually knew exactly which features were most important to me. You made the whole process so easy and so pleasant. Basically, you're awesome! Thank you so much for everything!

- Jason ,   January 04, 2010
Apartment searching in New York can be painful, but Danielle Rantapaa at Anchor Reality made it a smooth and painless process. She was extremely patience with us as trying to coordinate paperwork with three people can be stressful. She was also available at all times for questions and allowed us to return to the apartment several times for measurements. We were allowed to move in a few days early to accommodate our holiday schedule which made the transition from our previous apartment to our current location easy. We greatly appreciate all of her help and will definitely keep her in mind for our next apartment search.

- Erica Cain. EVENSONBEST,   January 04, 2010
Hi Danielle, Again, thank you for being so helpful to Andy and me during our apartment search. You made our search, a task which had the possibility of being stressful, very relaxed and fun! We will definitely pass your name along to any friends who may be moving in the future! Best,

- Erin & Andy ,   March 24, 2009
Danielle, You were great to work with! Always on top of things; reminding me; asking very good questions and doing everything to close the lease in a timely and successful way. I cannot wait to work with you again. Yesterday, some one applied at 1:00 PM, we qualified her quickly; she got her check and signed the documents and she signed her lease for $8,900 per month at 4:30 PM. It was terrific because she left NYC that night I believe. We love to do the large deals as well as the medium ones. I hope we can help you on every problematic deal you have. Regards, Charles Charles C. Schoenau Managing Director Insurent Agency Corporation 11 East 44th Street, 11th floor New York, NY 10017

- Charles C. Schoenau,   January 29, 2009
Thank you Danielle for being so kind and patient during this whole process. This was definitely new for me and i would have probably given up with anyone else. That is so cool that you are going to Israel. Have a wonderful time with your family. I'll email you when you get back and let you know how the apt is. By then I should have been there a few days. Again thank you for all your hard work. I appreciated it so much. You're the best.

- Bob,   January 29, 2009
Danielle: How are you? I moved to the new apt on Jan 19, and I love the place! Noise from outside is really minimal, and it's actually very quiet. Much quieter than I thought it would be. It might get noisy in morning/evening rush hours, but I've never experienced it myself yet, and normally it's very quiet. The unit has so many closets, and I'm not going to have any issue with storage (although I haven't unpacked fully...). The view is nice and it's actually a NW corner unit, I believe. My living rm has two windows facing north & west, and I can see Hudson River from my west windows, which I didn't notice when I went to see the unit first time with you. People working in the building are very very very nice, too. Building manager gave me a call as soon as I notified them that I have an issue using home phone (it was actually phone company's set up issue, not building's.). Super comes in as soon as I make repair request and fix everything very quickly. Doormen came to open the door whenever they see me carrying big or heavy stuff. One of them actually nearly tripped himself because he was in such a hurry to get the door. And the unit is very comfortable to live in. It's really made well & considering how to make the people who live in the unit comfortable. And it's going to reduce my monthly rent by approx $1,000, which is huge! I can use that saving somewhere better than paying rent. I just wanted to say thank you again for introducing the apt to me. It's really the best apt. Pls keep in touch!

- Ayumi ,   January 28, 2009

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